Incidence2 objects

Functions for computing, viewing and converting incidence2 objects


Compute the incidence of events

print(<incidence_df>) format(<incidence_df>)

Print an incidence object.


Summary of an incidence object<incidence_df>)

Convert incident object to dataframe


Convert incident object to a tibble

Low-level constructors

Functions for constructing incidence objects with greater flexibility

new_incidence() validate_incidence()

Incidence constructor and validator


Coerce to incidence

Incidence curve visualisation

Functions for plotting incidence curves and models

plot(<incidence2>) facet_plot()

Plotting functions

vibrant() muted()

Color palettes used in incidence

Data manipulation

Functions for manipulating incidence objects by date or group


Regroup 'incidence' objects

keep_first() keep_last()

Keep first and last occurences


Accessor functions for the incidence object

get_counts() get_count_names() get_date_index() get_dates() get_dates_name() get_group_names() get_timespan() get_n() get_interval()

Access various elements of an incidence object

get_counts_name() get_date_group_names()

Deprecated accessor functions