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i2extras adds additional functionality to the incidence2 package.

What does it do?

The main features of the package include:

  • fit_curve() and growth_rate(): fit a trend (poisson / negative binomial) to an incidence2 object and calculate the associated growth rate.

  • add_rolling_average(): add a rolling average to an incidence2 object.

  • bootstrap(): generates a bootstrapped incidence2 object by re-sampling, with replacement, the original dates of events.

  • find_peak(): locates the peak time of the epicurve.

  • estimate_peak(): uses bootstrap to estimate the peak time (and related confidence interval) of a partially observed outbreak.

Installing the package

You can install the released version of {i2extras} from CRAN with:




An overview of i2extras is provided in the included vignettes:

Getting help online

Bug reports and feature requests should be posted on github using the issue system. All other questions should be posted on the RECON slack channel see for details on how to join.