add_rolling_average() adds a rolling average to an incidence2::incidence() object. If x is a grouped this will be a dplyr::rowwise() type object. If x is not grouped this will be a subclass of tibble.

add_rolling_average(x, ...)

# S3 method for default
add_rolling_average(x, ...)

# S3 method for incidence2
add_rolling_average(x, before = 2, ...)



An incidence2::incidence object.


Not currently used.


how many prior dates to group the current observation with. Default is 2 days.


An object of class incidence2_rolling.


If groups are present the average will be calculated across each grouping, therefore care is required when plotting.


Tim Taylor


if (requireNamespace("outbreaks", quietly = TRUE) && requireNamespace("incidence2", quietly = TRUE)) { data(ebola_sim_clean, package = "outbreaks") dat <- ebola_sim_clean$linelist dat <- subset(dat, date_of_onset <= as.Date("2014-10-05")) inci <- incidence2::incidence(dat, date_index = date_of_onset, interval = "week", groups = gender) ra <- add_rolling_average(inci, before = 2) plot(ra, color = "white") inci2 <- incidence2::regroup(inci) ra2 <- add_rolling_average(inci2, before = 2) plot(ra, color = "white") }
#> Warning: Removed 4 rows containing missing values (position_stack).
#> Warning: Removed 4 rows containing missing values (position_stack).