grates provides a coherent interface and implementation for creating grouped date classes.


incidence2 provides functions and classes to compute, handle and visualise incidence from dated events for a defined time interval. Dates can be provided in various standard formats. The class ‘incidence2’ is used to store computed incidence and can be easily manipulated, subsetted, and plotted.


i2extras provides additional functionality to the incidence2 package, including curve fitting, growth rate calculations and peak estimation.


outbreaks compiles a series of publicly available disease outbreak data. Data can be provided as R objects (loaded automatically when loading the package), text files distributed alongside the package, or functions generating a dataset.


reportfactory facilitates workflows for handling multiple .Rmd reports, compiling one or several reports in one go, and storing outputs in well-organised, timestamped folders.

trending provides a coherent interface to specifying common models and facilitate the easy generation of confidence and prediction intervals. Whilst it is useful in an interactive context, it’s main focus is to provide an intuitive interface on which other packages can be developed.


trendeval provides an interface for evaluating models fit with the trending package.